BIG GARLIC to present its five garlic varieties at Fruit Attraction

CAMPO DE LORCA develops a line of BIO broccoli and cauliflower products

FRUTAS BELA makes strides with its exports of apple and pear varieties

FRUTÍNTER is operates in the best national and international markets.

GRUVENTA continues to internationalise its business, exporting to 36 countries

HORTOFRUTÍCOLA CASTILLO has two companies: Explotaciones Agrícolas Preciado S.A.T and Frutícola Castillo

IMPERIO comes to Fruit Attraction 2016

New concept in the market: kiwis on the branch by KIWINATUR

LACUBA, artisans of figs

MARLENE, a plethora of promotional activities in Spain ahead of Fruit Attraction

MOGALLA has more than 4,000 hectares of its own irrigated land

PROVEDO acknowledged as the Best Company in the Field of Excellence in Extremadura

TROPICAL MILLENIUM markets avocados, mangoes and papayas

UDAPA, the name of the Potato

AQUALIFE, your specialist in fresh produce humidification

CABKA-IPS specialises and cares for the environment

CAIXABANK participates in Fruit Attraction 2016

DINSA reinvents agriculture with bynse

SANIDAD AGRÍCOLA ECONEX, S.L. specialises in the manufacture of pheromones and traps for biological control of pests

IBERCAJA AGRO, Ibercaja's line for the agri-food sector, will be at Fruit Atraction

PLYMAG is a company that specialises in manufacturing fertilisers and biological products

PROJAR will be at Fruit Attraction with berry growing solutions that boost blueberry production

Printable UNIQ packaging makes it easy to customise and communicate with consumers.

Supermarkets go after the millennials



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